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for the students. by the students.



his is the 2010 Otter Disorientation
Guide. It was created as an antiorientation guide. As the guide you will
never get from AS, your dorm or RA’s, or
even the OtterRealm. We seek to guide you to a real college
experience, not the tame, watered-down, mass-produced, and ultimately forgettable college experience some have decided to
settle for.

We have prepared a guide that touches on media, food, sex,
movies, labor, privatization, satire, history, representation,
events, poetry, art, research, and much more. But there is also
much that we had to leave out due to the limitations of time
and the printed page. However, the articles left out are no
less important than the articles included here. You can find
them at


Who is this “we” anyway? Never you mind. Just know that
the Disorientation Guide was a collaboration among many who
wanted to make this happen and inform the community. If you are interested in getting in
touch with us, submitting Art, writing
articles, expressing your hate or love for us
(or for anything else),
email: guerrillathink@gmail.com


Welcome Back!
Hope you heard the great news. They raised our tuition by 5%
again! Just the same ole shit. different year. When will it
They cut our classes.
They tell us there’s no money.
They fire our teachers.
They install 232 new security cameras.
They spend millions demolishing old buildings.
They spend millions building new buildings.
They tell us “scarcity of public dollars is the new norm”
They tell us they have a plan.
They don’t tell us what this plan is (besides cutting costs).
They hire new administrators to ‘attract private donors’.
They tell us to write our legislators.

....as if it would actually make a difference.
The Legislators tell us there isn’t any more money.
The Politicians tell us they are trying their best.
The Mainstream media asks the us whether we, the students,
blame Sacramento or blame the CSU.
But, the question is not whether we should blame
this politician or that administrator.
The question, and the true problem, is how we
are dealing with the problem. You don’t just
keep putting it off until it goes away.
You observe the issue. Isolate the cause.
and you fix it.
...but it isn’t that simple, is it?
OH NOES! What will we do!?! ZOMGWTFBBQ.

Well, we do know one for thing for sure...



Obviously they aren’t listening.

But why would they?

They make money off of us. They
are members of a different class. This helps
us understand who “they” are. “They” are
owners, mangers and bureaucrats; they not
only make huge sums of money, but also
make decisions. They decide how money
and resources are allocated, which programs
to cut, which jobs will be created, if any.
“We” are students, workers, consumers. We
produce goods and services for society and
then pay for them. We are compensated for
our efforts, but only by a fraction of the value
that we actually produce. The rest is taken
by the owners and managers in the form of
a profit. It is the logic of this system that is
increasingly permeating the university.

Because public education has not
been entirely privatized (yet) some of the
cost to attend college is subsidized by the
government. However, many aspects of the
university have already been appropriated
by commercial interests. Our text books
are grossly more expensive at the campus
bookstore than through online distributers.
Our food is crappy and overpriced. No
amount of ‘suggestions’ to the Dining
Commons management will fix that, for
how else would Sodexho make a profit?
Outsourcing food services and landscaping
also allows the University to disrupt the
workers’ efforts to form a union and increase
their wages.

Most of the money that CSUMB
acquires from us goes through the University
Corporation. That means all of the money
that we pay for housing, meal plans, and
tuition (which the CSU has purposefully
renamed “fees”). The University Corporation
is the private wing of the university, and
is fueled by the same profit-motive that
drives any other corporation. When they
talk of “cutting costs,” they really mean
“increasing profits”. Furthermore, because
of the stipulations regarding how state funds
can be used, university managers have no
interest in seriously confronting politicians

to attain more state funding. They would rather shift the burden
to us. The owners and managers of the university system, and
their corporate partners, don’t want to listen to us. Because
we don’t hold them accountable, they don’t have to. So how
do we prevent them form turning our education into a cheap
commodity? We force them to listen to us.

In recent years, students around the world have
intensified the struggle against the privatization of education.
Through rallies, walkouts, occupations and strikes, students
around the world have begun to claim their future. A new
student movement has been developing in the US, specifically in
California. On March 4 students around the country organized
massive demonstrations to protest the current situation. Here
at CSUMB we held a walkout and rally. Towards the end of the
school year, students in Puerto Rico went on strike for 2 months
and were granted all of their demands from the government
and university administration. We know it is possible to make
them listen to us. It is our task to decide the best way to do so,
and then to ACT.

Resources: www.oercommons.org - www.creativecommons.org Goodies: instructables.com - graffitiresearchlab.com
not have access to the requisite resources.
So what’s the hold up? Why do students break the bank on
textbooks and course materials?!
The short answer is: the structural changes to educational institutions, the publishing industry, regulating bodies, and
consumer practices have yet to take full form. This is why it
is essential for students to take up the fight, raise awareness
about these issues, challenge educators and administrators to
take measurable steps toward goals of openness, and to start
programs and initiatives of their own. If students remain silent,
they will not be included in processes of educational material
creation—and thus the needs and goals of students will go
unrecognized, or at best, poorly translated. The following are
some ways you can get involved:

Open Educational Resources (OER)


Open Access (OA) to Research
On June 4th 2010 a group of University of California Librarians issued a letter outlining the rationale for a potential boycott
of Nature Publishing Group. NPG publishes 67 academic journals. In order to read these journals, each UC campus pays
its own subscription fees—for both print copies and access to
online repositories. As students, we can be proud that our librarians are standing up for our institution and drawing a line
in the sand over ridiculous subscription fees that facilitate an
outdated publishing model (slow, ineffective, print-based).
But this is not nearly enough.
Open Access to research is not a battle fought only by
librarians, professors and policy experts. Students have entered the fight and must continue to do so in order to secure
affordable access to knowledge for future generations of researchers, scholars, students, and the public at large. Open
Access is a demand to publish scholarly work digitally, online,
for free. There are various revenue models for Open Access
journals, which have proven themselves as successful businesses, prestigious in quality and even superior to traditional
journals as reputation engines (open access papers are more
often cited). Further, there are many online repositories where
individual authors can deposit their papers they publish in nonOpen Access journals, which is called self-archiving.

Hello “Peers,”
This is the first online class I have taken, and the irony
has not escaped me that as Professor Henry feeds us the
information of the civil rights movement, a people’s struggle
to overcome oppression, we, the students, have no way of
questioning him or actively participating in the discussion. The
“discussion” section, I’d argue, is a sham and is in no way
fostering an active discussion about the content material. No
one reads eachother’s discussion posts, and I don’t even think
our “GSI’s” do either.
In this way the online pedagogy of this class fits the
“banking” dynamic that Paulo Freire describes in The Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Professor Henry assumes we are empty
vessels that he is filling with information of Martin Luther King
Jr. and the movement. He is assumed to be the ultimate authority on the subject, and we, the students, are asked only to
regurgitate the information in weekly “discussion” sections or
the quizzes. Even the midterm I found to be recitation at best
with minimal or no room for analysis. Freire asserts that the
banking approach to learning is one of the tools of the oppressor, as it dehumanizes the student and teacher and leaves no
room for an active discussion on the topic.
The extreme irony of this class is the subject matter.
Unlike Stats20 which I would imagine fits a banking approach
more readily, “The Political Philosophy of MLK Jr.” explores

a period of history where people had to rise above perceived
authority and stand up despite everyone telling them they are
inferior. We cannot stand up here because this online class
affords us no way of human interaction, or problem-solving
methods of education. We cannot question Professor Henry
when he tells us that the Mississippi Freedom Democratic
Party impacted the Free Speech Movement in X ways. We
cannot even talk to one another in a meaningful way. This
online banking pedagogy is in effect oppressing us while we
learn of the struggles of oppressed people fighting against the
system of segregation that oppressed them!
Dean of Boalt, Christopher Edley is making a historic
push to privately raise 6 million dollars to start a piolt program
of online classes. He is aruging that an online degree is of
comparable quality and classes therefore should be the same
price. He is not arguing for expanded access, rather a new lucrative revenue stream created by an exlcusive online degree.
In order to stop this we must protest the system from
within, especially when it gives us such a distorted view of a
historical struggle. The civil rights movement and free speech
movement never ended. If we want to see that our education does not end in a world of one-way learning I urge you
to stand up against this oppressive online class!! Professor
Henry should realize what he is feeding into by “teaching” a
class with such an oppressive instrument behind it.
Submit your artwork to guerrillathink @ gmail. . com

Textbooks, classroom materials, course readers, and research papers are not available in digital formats and are not
accessible online—but they should be... for free. The fight to
demand these conditions has begun, but the struggle for Access to Knowledge (a2k) in the U.S. and around the world is
far from over. Students must continue to take up the flag in the
movement for Open Education.
With the advent of digital technology, some notions of scarcity have been blown to smithereens. Before the personal computer, to reproduce a resource such as a book, one required
physical materials and labor for each book—including paper,
printing, and binding. Today, a digital work is infinitely and perfectly reproducible at zero marginal cost (due to the low cost
of computer storage space, processing power, memory, and
If I publish a paper textbook, it is not easy for me to hand
it out for free. It is a physical commodity that has unavoidable
publishing costs I need to recoup. However, if I publish an electronic textbook on a computer, anyone can copy that textbook
perfectly, essentially for free, with no value lost from my original
copy. With digital works, you can actually get something out
of nothing! Once the first copy is produced, you might as well
have produced as many as you will ever need.
Education and research are among the most clear fields
that should substantially benefit from this shift in reproduction
costs. Digital technology has afforded an opportunity to students, educators, researchers, administrators, policy makers,
publishers and many others to rethink and redesign processes
of creating and disseminating educational and research materials. We have the opportunity to ensure people are not cut out of
education and knowledge production merely because they do

OER are legal, digital, accessible educational materials
available to students, educators, schools, and the general public. OER are “open” in that they use copyright in conjunction
with a license to allow users more freedom to reproduce and
potentially remix the OER. There are many licenses available,
the most popular of which are Creative Commons licenses that
help you easily decide under what terms your resources may
be used. A popular Creative Commons License is known as
“CC-by” or “Attribution Only,” which allows anyone to copy or
remix and distribute your work so long as they site their source,
giving credit to the original creator(s).


he following letter was posted by a student to an online “discussion section” in one of UC Berkeley’s online courses. These
inferior quality classes are being heralded by UC and CSU admins alike as the future of the UC. In reality, they are just
another way to extract more money from students while laying off campus workers and faculty.



et’s get this straight. These aren’t “don’t-use-your-brain, Hollywood ending” movies. You didn’t go to
college to watch boring mainstream shit, did you? You’re here to get your mind blown. You can view
most of these movies on Netflix, at the Media Resources Library in Moffit, or through the thepiratebay.org.


he Corporation (Documentary): Ever wonder how
a corporation thinks? In the wake of
the BP oil spill and the bank bailouts,
millions of people are pondering this
question. Corporations are considered legal “people,” so the Corporation asks, what kind of “people” are
corporations? The filmmakers take
you through a psychological analysis
of the corporate structure and prescribe psychotherapies for dealing
with these “monstrous institutions.”


hildren of Men (Science
Fiction): Set in England in the
near future after the world becomes
infertile and the global economy collapses, Clive Owen must save the
world’s last newborn. Children of Men will make you rethink
reproduction, immigration, and the modern nation state.


xit Through the Gift Shop (Mockumentary):
Directed by Banksy, the world’s most famous and notorious street artist, this is a film about obsessive filmmaker
Thierry Guetta wrapped around a history of the street art
movement he strove to document. At one point the filmmaker becomes the artist and Banksy becomes the filmmaker and
what is reality and what is fantasy is called into question.


o The Right Thing (Drama): Set on a hot summer
day in Brooklyn NY, this is Director Spike Lee’s masterstroke about racial tension, police brutality, and cultural resistance. With the recent Oscar Grant case in Oakland, this film
is incredibly relevant to today’s East Bay climate.



abel (Drama): A bullet travels across the world, tearing
through the lives of people in Japan,
Morocco, and the US-Mexican border. To try to explain the film would
not do it justice. Babel asks questions
rather than prescribing solutions and
interrogates our globalizing world,
the humanity of “the other,” and the
ever-growing towers of the hyperdeveloped world.


ood Inc. (Documentary):
You will be a vegetarian AT
LEAST for a few days after watching
this film. Food Inc. explores how our
food system has become unhealthy,
unsustainable, corrupted by corporate interests, and just plain gross.
A look into our country’s monocultured crops, ammoniatreated beef, and persecuted farmers, the film will make you
reevaluate the food on your plate.

How to Pirate: A beginner’s guide to torrenting

What you need to get started:
• Steady internet connection
• Ability to leave computer on for the entire
duration of the download
• Download and install a torrent application
such as BitTorrent (BitTorrent.com)
or uTorrent (utorrent.com)

Other recommendations for beginners:
• Reliable (and FREE) anti-virus and anti-spyware applications. Download Spybot Search
and Destroy (http://www.safer-networking.
org) AND Avast Antivirus (avast.com)
Once you have everything you need,
you can start!

Several websites offer the downloads that we want (called torrents)
http://thepiratebay.org (easiest, most intuitive to use)
http://hexagon.cc (registration required, but no personal information is collected,
very good for high quality torrents)
www.demunoid.com (registration required, no personal information collected, very secure)
If all else fails, Google it!

Fuck the rules, but don’t let them fuck you:

radle Will Rock (Drama/Musical): A film about
prostitution and the power of art, Cradle is set in the
during the Great Depression in the context of the federal
government’s communist crackdown of New Deal public theater. Characters include Diego Rivera, Orson Wells, and the
Rockefellers. If you truly understand what is going on in the
film, you can graduate from Cal. If not, maybe you should consider staying an extra year.

• With a little common sense, you will not get caught.
• First things first, don’t do it too much. One torrent at a time should be fine.
• Be careful of what you download, new and popular movie torrents are often watched by
their studios, and whoever is providing your internet will be notified of your activity if you
upload one of these watched torrents.
• Pay Attention to how fast you are downloading and uploading your files.
• The only way to get caught torrenting is by uploading.
o Put a limit on the download and upload speed.
o (right click your file > mouse to download limit > set at 500 KB/s)
o (right click your file > mouse to upload limit > set at 100 KB/s or less)


How Torrenting Works


apitalism A Love Story (Documentary): With
unemployment at its highest since the Great Depression,
corporate control of government, and a deteriorating social
safety net, it’s no wonder that 47% (Rasmussen) of Americans have lost faith in capitalism. Agitprop filmmaker Michael
Moore takes us through the ruins of America to explain why
capitalism fails, and highlight pockets of resistance to the
privatization of everything.

erkeley in the Sixties (Documentary): It’s one
thing to hear about it in some phony campus tour, it’s
another thing to see it with your own eyes.There’s something
inherently inspirational in seeing footage of hundreds of students getting arrested in Sproul Hall in defense of free speech,
he Great Dictator (Comedy): Charlie Chaplin,
or thousands of students taking over a barren parking lot and
our beloved tramp hero, plays both insurgent Jew and
turning it into People’s Park. Watch it for free through the
Hitler-like dictator of “Tomania.” The Great Dictator is a clasMedia Resources Center online collection.
sic Chaplin satiric comedy about Nazi Germany written and
in Nombre (Drama): Shot from the top of moving filmed at a time when the US was neutral to the Nazis.One of
trains, Sin Nombre follows a Guatemalan family makes the the first films to expose the Nazis for their treatment of Jews,
perilous journey to the US. Their story interweaves with that Chaplin’s concluding political speech is the only one you’ll
of a young man on the run from his former gang.The film gives ever need to hear.
us a human perspective on Latin American immigration.
this list was complied at the courtesy of caldisorientation.org



Pirate all your movies, music, and games! Copying is not theft!

When you download a file from any torrent site
(thepiratebay, demunoid, etc) you are downloading a group
of what are called trackers. Trackers connect you with
other people who want the same file as you. At least
one person (usually the original owner of the file) has to
be uploading the whole file for other people to download it.
A good torrent has a good number of uploaders as well as a
good number of downloaders. All you have to do to be a good
pirate is to upload as well as download. Unfortunately, the
only way that you can be caught is by uploading. Although
this may make you want to set your upload limit to 0, you
should not. It is better for the community as a whole if
everyone shares at least a little bit.

•Stop and watch.
•Write down officers’ names, badge
numbers, and car numbers (they are required to tell you upon request).
•Write down the time, date, and place
of the incident and all details as soon as
•Ask if the person is being arrested, and
if so, on what charge.
•Get witnesses’ names and contact info.
•Try to get the arrestee’s name, but only
if they already gave it to the police.
•Document any injuries as soon as possible. Photograph them and have a medical report describing details of the injuries.

•Ask, “AM I FREE TO GO?” If not, you
are being detained. If yes, walk away.
ME?” To stop you, the officer must have
a “reasonable suspicion” to suspect your
involvement in a specific crime (not just
a guess or a stereotype).
•It is not a crime to be without ID. If you
are being detained or issued a ticket,
you may want to show ID to the cop
because they can take you to the station
to verify your identity.
•If a cop tries to search your car, your
house, or your person say repeatedly
SEARCH. If in a car, do not open your
trunk or door - by doing so you consent to a search of your property and
of yourself. If at home, step outside and
lock your door behind you so cops have
no reason to enter your house. Ask to
see the warrant and check for proper

address, judge’s signature, and what the
warrant says the cops are searching for.
Everything must be correct in a legal
warrant. Otherwise, send the police
•The cops can do a “pat search” (search
the exterior of one’s clothing for weapons) during a detention for “officer
safety reasons”. They can’t go into your
pockets or bags without your consent.
If you are arrested, they can search you
and your possessions in great detail.
your words and keep your cool. If an officer violates your rights, don’t let them
provoke you into striking back.

•You may be handcuffed, searched, photographed and fingerprinted.
•Say repeatedly, “I DON’T WANT TO
TALK until my lawyer is present” Even if
your rights aren’t read, refuse to talk until your lawyer/public defender arrives.
•Do not talk to inmates in jail about
your case.
•If you’re on probation/parole, tell your
P.O. you’ve been arrested, but nothing
•Police can arrest someone they believe
is “interfering” with their actions. Maintain a reasonable distance, and if cops
threaten to arrest you, EXPLAIN THAT


to be in a public place and to observe
police activity.

This article was brought to you courtesy
of Copwatch Berkeley.

COPY LEFT: The text, images and design of all content in this guide are free
to publish, reproduce, mash-up, expand, print, set on fire, satire,
and anything else you can creatively use them for.



Although I hope you hear what I have to say and
heed the cautionary advice (clearly marked “PSA”,)
the information herein isn’t objective.

A World of Possibilities

I’m not going to try to debunk the myth that
dorms, co-ops, sororities and fraternities are orgiastic sex dens filled with unimaginable debauchery.
That’s up to you to find out, dear reader. My job is
also not to scare you with statistics about STI’s and
sexual assault on campus; I don’t think that’ll keep
the shit from happening. There are other sides to
sex beside wild abandon and fear, and although I’ll
go over the above two things as well, I’m mostly
interested in the rest that sex has to offer.
Through families, friends and media, we more or
less know what sex society considers normal. We
also have an idea of what’s considered not normal,
except maybe for certain groups of people or situations. And then there’s weird sex. If I had the power
to give you a homework assignment, I’d ask you to
partake in some weird sex, either by yourself, with
a partner or more, or vicariously over the internet.
But alas I have no such power. The thing is: weird
sex tends to feel really good and be enjoyable on an
mental level as well. So try something new. If you’re
nervous to try with a partner, try it on yourself when
you get a spare moment alone. Also, if weird sex to
you means fantasizing or masturbation, you’re not
the only one. It’s not a race to be hardcore the quickest, it’s about having the most pleasurable journey
PSA: People’s sexual preferences, so long as
they’re consensual, are no fodder for discrimination or hate. Think about it this way, if the only way
you could get off was anal, would you not do it?
If you enjoyed licking a person’s clit so much that
you couldn’t imagine sex without it, would you deny
yourself? People do what they do, and if everyone
involved is having a good time, just try to be happy
for them.

When the Time is Right...

Everyone has a different time that they feel good
about taking things a little further. It’s not right or
wrong to fuck the first time you meet, or to wait for a
marriage vow. The most important thing is to figure
out is what time feels good to you. There will be
many attempts to influence this decision of yours,
but others can only influence you so much before
it’s your turn to act autonomously. Preferences can
change too; a person’s sex habits do not have to be
Of course, being intimate is not easy. Most of
us feel awkward or vulnerable at some point. Not
a problem. Some people are comfortable being intimate after they’ve seen how each other handles
a different kind of tense situation, like trying a new
sport, collaborating on a project, or discussing complicated political subjects. Others feel like they want
their first encounter to be a one-night stand with a
willing stranger, just to break that first barrier. Again,
in theory these decisions are to be made by you, not
anyone who presumes to hold power over you.

Don’t Be a Dick, Even If You Have One

There will no doubt be times when you’ll have
to make a difficult sexual decision. Do you ask out
your final project partner, knowing it may jeopardize
your work relationship? Should you take that girl
home, even though she seems drunk? Moral codes
about separation of academic from personal lives
and intoxicated sex aside, a basic guideline can be
found at the top of this section. Although sex can be
easy and casual with consenting people, it can be
a serious matter when there’s a misunderstanding
or lack of communication. Giving folks the benefit
of the doubt, many damaging sexual experiences
were not meant to be that way from the beginning.
Instead, someone was lazy, confused, drunk, inexperienced, cynical or whatnot and didn’t check in
adequately with the other(s) involved.
PSA: I’m not trying to deny the existence of vindictive or power-hungry sex. Just don’t do that. It’s
fucked up. If you’ve been involved in a non-consensual encounter, you’re definitely not alone. I send
you a heartfelt wish of empowering, fulfilling relationships in the future.

MOAR SEX. Next Page.

Freelove Isn’t Free.

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youre on repeat. defeat the need to repeat the
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sweet beat, ING of your head on that wall.
this society is dead, its about to fall, so stand up wit me,
e no


let’s be, counter-culture from the underground,
eternal revolution is now found.

a brief and non-helpful set of guidelines of sorts:
#1 be a nomad
#2 never deliver a message from the top; you aren’t
a government, corporation, so don’t act like one.
#3 create a story - share a story - encourage a story - spread a story
#4 Shakespeare and the hero cycle is profane. subvert the expectation and
suspend suspense in mid-air by the noose of the pathetic excuse they call
#5 culture is manufactured through repetition and exposure. i.e. get your
camera angles right.
#6 the secret really is to begin.
#7 and the answer is silence
#8 the ultimate discord does the following:
breaks the spell (duh)
allows for the improvisation of the many
seeks nothing
is in the shape of a seed
(unless they’ve already been sown; in that case, climb a tree!)
has a lot of monkeys involved
#9 there is always 9 factors. if not, then five.
#10 work the masses like mold works cheese. always shave off the top.
(by the way, collaborate with other cows, their often just WEARING
leather. not being it)


everyday you’re voting with your fork and your wallet.

It’s time once again for the safe sex talk. Basi- Q: Aren’t you just a damn hippie stuck in the 60’s?
cally this paragraph is one big PSA. We grew up into A: Ha. No. Now hand me my tie-dye headband
a culture of fear influenced by the rise of HIV and and pass the joint to the left.
STIs like clamydia and HPV in teen populations. So,
it’s difficult to go into any sort of sexual encounter
without that gnawing voice, “Safety...safety...” I don’t
want to perpetuate the fear of STIs, but they do exist,
and they’re extremely uncomfortable. The last topic
is most likely going to get a few people upset. I’m
talking about multiple relationships, a.k.a. polyamory.
I’ll try to answer some questions in my own voice.
I’ve been dedicated to polyamory for 3 years now,
and I’m always learning.
Q: Isn’t that just infidelity by a different name?
A: Nope. Infidelity implies that the rules of the relationship, like exclusively having sex with one partner,
were broken. Polyamory is like ripping your favorite
quotes out of the rule book with your new partner and
throwing the rest of it under the bed.
Q: Aren’t we naturally monogamous creatures?
A: Not sure. And it doesn’t really matter whether we’re
naturally this or that when the species has created
an entire built environment, governments, economic
systems and other powerful forms of social control.
Q: Does having several lovers make things more
A: In all honesty, I think that if it’s not complicated,
you’re doing it wrong. Luckily, complicated does not
necessarily equal dramatic, so long as people can
be open-minded, communicative, understanding and
patient. This of course is not always possible.
Q: How do you start a polyamorous relationship if
you’re already in an exclusive one?
A: Lots and lots of talking. Some partners appreciate
opening up the relationship, but be prepared for your
partner to be pissed at even the mention. It’s not for
everyone, and a coerced open relationship is infidelity in disguise.
Q: What about if you’re single?
A: Talking. Sorry. Try discussing the possibility when
you’re not both “ready to go,” if you will.
Q: Isn’t casual dating for young people who will grow
up and settle down?
A: Not necessarily. There comes a point when the
idea of a monogamous relationship just feels downright oppressive, and one would no sooner go back
to that than to the dreadful years of middle school.
People can sustain emotionally invested multiple relationships for years, longer than some marriages.

X: It’s play time. I enshrine the divine
mind all in the name of the bovine.
its time to rhyme the rest of this line



October 7th, 2010
Day of Strike & Action

Under the guise of an economic collapse, we see the public resources that once supported us, and the
public spaces that once provided fertile grounds for shelter and inspiration degrade. Every level of public education has been cut to the bone, programs for the homeless and public welfare have been scaled back in contradiction to escalating needs, and dozens of basic necessities have become difficult to obtain or too expensive to afford
—from finding healthcare to transportation, jobs to housing.

The managers of industry, university administrators, and bank executives have undercut our public commons, imposed burdens on workers and gambled away our future in a thoughtless, last-ditch reaction to prop
up a failing system. The bailout of banks, bloated managerial budgets and salaries, and the privatization of public
schools are some of the devastating initiatives they continue to push; and so now, we’re beginning to see the aftermath: high foreclosures rates, lay-offs and unreasonable tuition. What seemingly began as an economic crisis,
has become a crisis of social values. Do we stand by and accept their tired policies,
or do we refuse them and reinvent ourselves?

october 7

As a mosaic of communities that recoil from the unbearable, we have the ability to network and join
together, not only to fight off cuts and injustices, but to recreate and sustain our future. In the emergence of the
student movement, we’ve seen our creativity flourish and the formation of new ties and connections between
commonly separated groups. We see our united strength, and we know that together we can challenge the false
options between housing and the environment, education and prison reform,
and the false division between workers and students.
We reject any “solutions” that would maintain one community at the expense of other vulnerable populations.

In April, organizers fighting for education converged and called for a day of strike and action on October
7, 2010. In recognition of the increasing struggles we face today, not only as students, but as teachers, parents,
and workers, we wish to broadly organize direct actions with a diversity of communities who wish to be involved
in this defense of education, in this struggle to take back our lives.

Take this message to your friends, your family, to the union forums and to your coworkers, to your community organizing meetings and your allies struggling to reverse the erosion, to students at every level of education, to your teachers and your tutors, to anyone who ever opened a book and spoke to friends about building a
better world. United we are a flood that sweeps away the decay of defeatism,
that brings forth new seeds to instill a fighting spirit and form new opportunities.

One World,

ONE STruggle.

You knew it was coming. Yup, the invetiable RESOURCE LIST:

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Education Action Now
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